The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter
By Kevin

“The White Rabbit Chronicles” by Gena Showalter consists of a protagonist by the name of Alice Bell. Her father believes in the existence of mysterious creatures that lurk in the night, and Alice has never believed in this until her family’s death in a fateful car crash. Soon after, she is involved in a group that attempt to set out and keep the creatures from harming any innocents.
I really enjoyed the plot and how the story was written. The plot gave a darker, more modern twist to the childhood story, Alice in Wonderland. With zombies, action, plot twists, and the entertaining narration by the protagonist, The White Rabbit Chronicles is a very enjoyable read.

This review was written by Jun from Cordelia

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Review of The Imitation Game
By Kevin

The Imitation Game was a wonderful movie because it taught the viewer about breaking Enigma. Alan Turning, a genius in Britain, creates an intricate machine that overall takes down Germany and saves millions of lives. To improve the movie, the producers could have developed the main female character in more detail. Overall, The Imitation Game earns 4.5 stars out of 5. The movie was clever, interesting, and a success!


Review of The Imitation Game

By Laura W.

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Congratulations to the Teen Summer Reading Challenge iPad Winners
By Elyse

Thank you to all the teens who participated in this year’s Teen Summer Challenge.  You dared yourselves to do new, exciting things and we hope you had fun along the way!  Don’t forget to check out your local library branch and see what teen events are going on during the school year.  Congratulations to the following teens who are the grand prize winners of the iPad minis:


Fairfield/Suisun - Jacques Singleton

Rio Vista - Anthony Rickets

Vacaville - Daniel Crist

Vallejo - Amrit Aulakh


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Fairfield Teens Creating Mixed Media Art
By Elyse

Materials: alluminum can
By: Annika (Fairfield teen)


materials: buttons, cardboard boxes, craft paper, craft sticks, packing tape, pipe cleaners
By: Audrey (Fairfield teen)

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Movie Review Princess and the frog
By Jessica

The main character is Tiana who's loving  sweet and kind and enthusiastic. The movie  was heart warming accomplishing and persuading.It's heart warming because Tiana and her mom were very strong even though her dad died when she was little. Accomplishing because it shows the audience Tiana accomplishing her fathers dreams of his very own restaurant. And it persuading because it shows Tiana completing her goals at the end of the movie .I would definently  recommend this movie to a family member or friend because it's a movie made for everyone and the would really love it. And I love this movie because of the songs   characters and plot


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Creative Challenges
By Katrina

Solano Library's 2015 Teen Summer Challenge has seen more creative teens daring themselves to do advanced projects.


Anika, Fairfield teen, sporting her repurposed a tshirt.


Springstowne teen pictured with her robot sculpture made from recycled items.


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Antoine's Comic
By Antoine

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Creative Teen Spotlight: Jazz Trio "Finding the Moon"
By Katrina

Jazz trio Finding the Moon shares their music during a teen event at the Vacaville Cultural Center Library.

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Jumping from New Heights
By Katrina

Cordelia teen Eli G. (pictured in mid air) dared himself in the teen summer challenge to jump from new heights.

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Avi K. Making a recipie
By Kevin

Avi K. making savory, cornbread muffins with red pepper and onion for the Teen Summer Challenge. Yummy side dish.

Yummy side dish.

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The Imitation Game
By Sophia

The Imitation Game

A movie review

Compare alcohol to water. Water hydrates you and nothing else, in fact, it’s rather boring. Alcohol , on the other hand, usually leaves you drunk, emotionally unstable, without sense, and addicted. This movie is a double shot of Russian Vodka. It is set in Britain in WW11 and explores the lonely childhood of Alan Turing, the man who cracked Enigma, and his lonelier adulthood as a genius. Unlike machines, he never understood how people functioned, was a bit of a jerk because of it, but was also a homosexual man in a time when homosexuality was a criminal offense in Britain. Lonely? One would think. This movie is a captivating experience, travelling back through Turing’s past in a series of flashbacks as the movie goes on. Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch create an astounding atmosphere as they delve deep into the tragic story of a wronged man who never understood people, and a brave woman who helped him learn. I do not recommend this movie to any without a certain level of maturity.

by Sophia

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Joyce Brothers
By Kevin

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All Book Zone
By Kevin

~~“All Book Zone” by Fabian, Angel and Michael
To the tune of “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd
All Books Zone, all books zone
Read the Rhythm, read the rhythm 
All Books Zone, all books zone
Read the Rhythm, read the rhythm 
I read a good book, it made life better
I treat these books special, every body's jealous
Free books, got several, they tens or better
I'm a trendsetter, I'm a go-getter!

Young kids got to read books
Dumb kids giving me funny looks
In the library gotta stay quiet
If it's a book, don't gotta buy it
She said, "why you have so many books with you?"
I said, "I'm a reader to the honest with you"
Mind you, my crew right behind me
Went shopping, coulda bought Treasure Island
I read books cuz I'm a reader
They kids follow me like I'm a leader
Read a book, it's story time
All these books better rhyme
Reading a book is not a crime
I'm going to read every word and every line
These books are not to mess with, never messy
Three books I am reading, real loud, its acapella
Awesome like heavy metal
Teen Summer Challenge dares, god bless 'em

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Teen Poetry
By Kevin

The last Teen Writing Club prompt was "Monday's never go well;" member Angel B. wrote this rap. Teen Writing Club meets every month at the Fairfield Cordelia Library, EXCEPT this April. Instead, all teens are encouraged to attend the Teen Poetry-Writing Workshop at the Vacaville Cultural Center Library on April 16 at 7pm.


Monday’s never go well

I’m so hungry can anybody tell

I think I’m gonna go to taco bell

The weather today is hot as hell

My grades fell, my math test was a fail


Oh well, today is still a great day

Today was my payday,


Honestly every day is a great day


So make a worst day, into your best day


Enjoy the nice weather in the bay

Let your friends and family know you love them all day

Keep moving forward like a highway

Keep doing everything your way

I hope love will stay

And everything will be OK

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