By Ann Miller

Solano County Library staff members are connecting Facebook fans to book, movie and music suggestions based on the personal artwork they wear every day- their tattoos.  


“We want to meet library customers where they are, which is not always in a library building. Librarians have been making personalized reading recommendations since the beginning of libraries.  Suggestions based on tattoos is a new way to offer a traditional service,” said Bonnie Katz, director of Solano County Library.


Among Monday’s Facebook posts are photos of tattoos that celebrate friendship, recovery, and ethnic pride. For example, library customer Dana Lee shared a tattoo of a compass rose to  remind her that “Only I can decide the directions for my life.”  In response, Natasha North, a librarian at the John F. Kennedy Library in Vallejo recommended the book “Three Strong Women” by Marie NDiaye which follows the stories of women who discover the power of saying no.


The service, which is offered through Facebook, began Monday and is modeled after similar programs in Denver and Portland public libraries. In addition to book suggestions, library staff members are including recommendations for movie and music titles that are part of the library’s collection.


“We’re in the business of stories.  Movies and music tell stories just as books do. Every tattoo tells a story and there’s a story for every tattoo,” said Katz.   


Find the tattoos and the recommendations at




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