Poetry Reading and Open Mic

By Jeffrey Kingman

National Poetry Month will be celebrated at this free event, hosted by Vallejo’s Poet Laureate, D.L. Lang. Six local poets will read their work. An open mic will follow. Refreshments will be served.


Host: Vallejo’s Poet Laureate, D.L. Lang, author of “Barefoot in the Sanctuary” and “Tea & Sprockets”


Genea S. Brice, former Vallejo Poet Laureate and author of “A Way With Words: Poems, Prose, and Other Masterpieces”


Lee Lee, author of “Untamed Pen”


Doreen Stock, author of “In Place of Me”


Nina Serrano, author of “Nicaragua Way”


Andrena Zawinski, author of “Landings”


This event will take place at the John F. Kennedy Library located at 505 Santa Clara Street in Vallejo, Joseph Room on Saturday, April 14th at 2:00 pm.


For more info call  866-572-7587 – www.solanolibrary.com




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