Behavior Policy

The Solano County Library branches are used by hundreds of people every day. As a result, it is important to have a clear, common understanding of appropriate behavior in the Library. This will ensure that all people who use and work in the Library can do so in a comfortable and safe environment.

All behavior on the Library’s premises is expected to be consistent with the Library’s purpose which is to enable the county’s diverse population to acquire information, conduct life-long learning, pursue knowledge, explore ideas, find recreational and cultural enrichment, and experience the pleasure of reading.

The essential behavior while using the Solano County Libraries is to be considerate of others. The Library will make every effort to maintain an environment that maximizes each customer’s use and enjoyment of Library services.

1. In the interest of safety, any behavior that is dangerous to person or property is not permitted.

2. Children under the age of 7 must be attended by an adult or caregiver at all
times. The assigned caretaker must be at least 12 years old and
sufficiently mature to supervise the child(ren).

3. Shoes and shirt must be worn while on Library premises. Skates or rollerblades may not be worn in the Library.

4. Shopping carts, bicycles, or similar bulky articles may not be brought into the building, other than those articles necessary to assist individuals with disabilities. Skateboards and scooters must be stored in a safe location such as under tables.

5. Swinging on, standing on, or placing small children on tables or counters is hazardous to the individual and to the property and, therefore, is not allowed.

6. Smoking is not permitted under County Code, Section 13.3

1. Any behavior that interferes with another person’s ability to use the Library is prohibited. This may include, but not be limited to, soliciting, begging, selling, sleeping, game playing that disturbs others, using personal listening devices such as cellular phones, individual cassettes or CD players that disturb others, and talking loudly or otherwise vocalizing in a manner that disturbs other people.

2.  Using a library card other than one's own to log on to a public access computer is prohibited.

3. Conducting any type of business for personal gain or any service for a fee is prohibited.

4. Eating is not allowed in the Library.

5. Theft or defacing of Library materials or other Library property is prohibited by law.

6. Harassment, verbal abuse, stalking, threats or making repeated unwelcome advances toward other persons is prohibited.

7. Using public rest rooms for bathing and/or laundry or other public areas for personal grooming is not allowed.

8. Bringing animals into the Library, other than those animals assisting the disabled, is prohibited.

The Director of Library Services and his/her designated staff are authorized to interpret these rules in accordance with applicable law and to ensure appropriate behavior of all persons in the Library facilities. Individuals who fail to comply with these rules may have their library privileges curtailed or suspended.

Approved by Solano County Board of Supervisors
rev. 5-2013