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Welcome to the Solano County Law Library.


Law Library Information

Solano County Law Library has been in existence since 1891. As established by California Business and Professions Code §6340, a county law library must be located in the county seat. Since the 1970s, the Law Library has been located on the third floor of the Hall of Justice. We are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Special Collections

The Law Library has many resources to offer its customers. Everyone may visit Solano County Law Library. Although checkout is restricted to attorneys and judges, subject to copyright laws, the public may photocopy limited information from our books. The collection encompasses all aspects of California (civil, family, criminal, etc.) and federal (U.S.C.A., etc.) law. Statutory law books and practice titles are available. There are materials especially for the public, such as the Nolo Press series.


View the list of Nolo Press titles available for use at the Solano County Law Library.


You can always call the Law Library at (707) 421-6520 for more details. Or you can explore the catalog for other Nolo and law-related titles available at the Law Library and Solano County Library.


Equipment (Photocopies and Printouts: 25¢ per page - cash only)

  • 6 public computers with printers attached (all provide internet access); not reservable.

  • Wi-Fi is available (ask staff for details)

  • State-of-the-art photocopier

  • FAX machine

  • Dissomaster terminal—allows customers to calculate child or spousal support. Printouts are free at this terminal only.



Customers may use the Hall of Justice elevators to reach our library. The Branch has an adaptive keyboard and optical trackball available.  We possess magnifying tools, and some reading glasses. Please ask library staff for more information.


Online services

Solano County Law Library subscribes to several databases, making the attainment of legal information cost-effective for legal professionals and the public. All the databases below are free to use when visiting the Law Library. 


  • CEB OnLAW—provides electronic access to Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) titles; chapters from over 140 books (Available only at Solano County Law Library)

  • Legal Information Reference Center (NOLO Press)—Access 100+ Nolo Press titles online. Subject matter includes family law, real estate law, and other legal topics. You can download and email chapters and forms at no cost. (Available at Solano County Law Library and Solano County Library)

  • LexisNexis (Free access until October 31)—contains California and federal case/statutory laws; access to more than 200 form templates. (Available only at Solano County Law Library)

  • VerdictSearch—online version of a publication; spotlights specific cases and the monetary amounts that were requested. (Available only at Solano County Law Library)

  • Westlaw —contains California and federal case/statutory laws; chapters from over 50 legal books; articles from over 100 law reviews. (Available only at Solano County Law Library)


If you have not used the databases listed above, Law Library staff members can show you how. We can also direct you to free legal websiteslegal self-help links, foreclosure assistance or free or low-cost legal assistance within the community.



  • The Recorder, Daily Journal, law reviews from prestigious law schools, and California Lawyer.


Conference Room

The Law Library has a conference room available for public use. Please read our booking details before calling to make a reservation.


Finding Attorneys and Legal Professionals

According to California Business & Professions Code §6125, you may not practice law in California unless you are an active member of the California State Bar. Unfortunately, despite the statute, there are still individuals who fraudulently pose as attorneys or other legal professionals. Even if you have hired someone, it would not hurt to double-check their credentials. Visit the State Bar of California to ensure that you are indeed working with an attorney who is registered to practice law. Visit the Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk’s office to determine if a legal document assistant, unlawful detainer assistant or paralegal is registered to provide services in Solano County. If you have been a victim of someone unlawfully practicing law, visit the State Bar of California and Solano County District Attorney’s Consumer and Environmental Crimes Unit for more information.


Other Law Libraries in the Area

Here is the contact information for the closest law libraries in the area.