Reader's Resources for Aspiring Scientists

If you want to be a famous scientist like Lucky and you love nature, check out these resources.

For the Aspiring Scientists

Scientist Facts: Charles Darwin Facts
Learn about Charles Darwin and explore science and technology facts, games, experiments, and projects.
Science: It's a Girl Thing 
This European site, created with girls in mind, talks about different kinds of science and invites girls to get involved.
Science News for Kids - Cool Jobs
Profiles of some of the most interesting jobs in science.
USGS Science in Action
Read about some exciting work that scientists are doing.

Great Outdoors and More

40 Knots to Know: Hitches, Loops, Bends and Bindings by Emily Stetson
Provides step-by-step instructions for tying five basic knots plus a variety of more complex ones, including joining knots, bindings, coils, hitches, lashings, and more.
Camp out! The Ultimate Kids' Guide, From the Backyard to the Backwoods
by Lynn Brunelle
Whether you're planning an over night in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this book is packed with stuff to know. The basics, from gearing up to choosing a site to building a tarp tent.
by Neil Champion
Discusses basic techniques, equipment, and strategies necessary to maximize skill in orienteering.

Tools of Navigation: A Kid’s Guide to the History & Science of Finding Your Way
by Rachel Dickinson
Describes the history and technology of the methods people have used to find their way on sea, land, and air, and provides 15 activities designed to improve one's navigation and orienteering skills. 

International Guild of Knot Tyers
An association of people with interests in knots and knotting techniques of all kinds.
Kids Cooking Activities: Cooking French Lesson 
In The Higher Power of Lucky Brigitte loves to cook and uses French recipes.This site will teach you some very basic French foods.
Kids in Parks  
Ideas for getting kids out in nature, having fun and learning a lot at the same time.
Macramé for Kids 
Use knots to make friendship bracelets, key chains and other things.

California and its Deserts

All Around California: Regions and Resources
by Mir Tamim Ansary
Contains all kinds of fun and fascinating facts about the regions of California and their valuable resources.
California Plants and Animals
by Stephen Feinstein 
Describes the plants and animals found in the many regions of California, including those found in deserts, forests, and off the state's coast.
Desert Extremes
by Natalie Hyde
A look at the world's hottest and driest climates! See up-close how animals survive in the desert landscape. Meet the resilient people that call deserts home. - California Desert Conservation
Information about California desert animals and plants and links to maps of the area. The planning link leads to information about desert weather, safety, and rules to help you stay safe in the desert. 

Kids Connect - Desert
Fast Facts about deserts and links to various deserts and desert resources.

Desert Facts for Kids
More fun and interesting information about deserts and desert inhabitants to learn about.

Desert USA - The Mojave Desert
Learn general information get a visual idea about the desert in the story of The Higher Power of Lucky. 
Mojave National Preserve - Area Overview 
Information about visting the Mojave National Preserve and an overview of the general area.