Greatest Generation:  Please Share Your Memories

 Greatest Generation Picture

To celebrate Older Americans month, Solano County Library sponsored a project in May 2007 called Greatest Generation: Please Share Your Memories.

The library documented the stories of people 80 years or older who lived through the Depression and World War II. Interviews were conducted by students and volunteers from Fairfield, Rio Vista, Vacaville and Vallejo.


Greatest Generation Picture Gallery  

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Harold Axelson 
Livia Bally 
Lois Bareilles 
Jerry Bass
Joseph Camporeale 
Andy Canova
Kenneth Caruthers 
Jeannette Chapman 
Cynthia Gruszkiewicz
Ben and Doris Darrow 
Ramona Erwin 
Evelyn Fleischer 
Ellie Gardner 
Marie Gjersee
Robert Hamlin 
Sophie Hammes 
Jack Harrer 
Bernice Haubert 
Lena Hernandez 
Jack Hopkins
Paul Hurych