Solano County Library OverDrive FAQs


How many items can I check out at a time?

Download and enjoy up to 10 titles from a growing collection of new and popular fiction and nonfiction on your computer or portable device.

How long is the checkout period?

You have the option of checking out e-books and audiobooks for either 7, 14, or 21 days. You can set up the default checkout time in the Account>Settings page. 

Are items renewable?

Yes. If the item has no existing holds, OverDrive's "new" feature places an advanced hold for you so that you may check it out again immediately after the current check out expires. 

Can I place a hold on a title?

Yes, you can have up to 4 holds on your account at a time.

How do I know when to pick up my hold?

You will be notified that your hold is ready with a notification sent to your email. Please note that this notification will be sent to the email address you registered with OverDrive, not the email address on your library account. Holds must be picked up within 72 hours. 

Can I return my items early?

Titles you've borrowed from the library will automatically be returned at the end of their lending periods. However, you may return items early. If you have checked the items out, but have not selected a format to download, you may return the item directly from the Bookshelf page on the OverDrive site. However, once you have already selected a format to download, the title must be returned within the softare.


What if I lost my library card and got a new one?

If you replace a lost library card, your OverDrive activity will automatically carry over to your new card. 

Still need help?

Please visit the OverDrive Help page




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