The Impact of 1/8th of a Penny


Promises Made, Promises Kept


Over the past 20 years, Solano County Library has focused on keeping the promises we made when voters originally passed the 1/8-of-a-penny sales tax in 1998, known as Measure B. Using this reliable source of funding, we added hours, increased book budgets and enhanced services to children.


Since 1998, 1/8th of a penny in dedicated sales tax for libraries has:


  • Opened branch libraries 125% more hours

  • Increased book and other format purchases from $432,000 to $1,794,478.

  • Increased programs for youth by 202%

  • Provided operating funds for three new libraries


In June 2012, voters showed their support again by passing Measure L, which provides for extending the funding until 2030. The passage of Measure L helps us preserve services and continue to offer exceptional library services to the community. Download the 2019 Promises Made, Promises Kept report. Help us celebrate the anniversary of Measure L by attending free programs at  Solano County Library branches near you.









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