Meet Our 2019 Staff Innovation Grant Winners Changing the Face of Solano County Library



We invited our amazing staff to propose new ways to inspire creativity, spark curiosity and champion learning in our communities, and they stepped up to the challenge! The winners will each receive a $1000 grant to make their vision a reality. 







Citizenship Corner


Innovators: Anika J., Literacy Program Assistant; Elizabeth G., Literacy Program Assistant; Chris D., Librarian; Miguel L., Library Associate, and the Latinx Services Committee


Citizenship Corner: A mobile and stationary Citizenship Corner will be created to serve our immigrant population. In 2019, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin using iPads only to administer the citizenship test. Citizenship Corner will help people prepare for the citizenship test using iPads, which will provide access to the USCIS website, USA Learns Citizenship Learns Citizenship course, and test preparation applications.  





Library Selfie Cutout for Instagram


Innovator: Sabrina A., Library Aide


Library Selfie Cutout for Instagram:  A cutout will be available at library branches for customers to snap a selfie of themselves with their latest and/or favorite book. Customers will be encouraged to hashtag their library and post to Instagram. This is an engaging way for people to share what they’re reading with friends and other library customers.  







Charging Kiosk


Innovator: Johnny P., Supervising Librarian


Charging Kiosk: A secure kiosk to allow library customers to charge a variety of electronic devices. Customers can charge their electronic device in one of the available compartments. This feature will allow customers to use the library while their device is charging.  





Duplo Table


Innovator: Mychal T., Librarian


The Duplo Table: A construction table for use with building blocks, is ideal for younger children and promotes creative play, sharing, socialization and motor skills development.  The table will be used to promote play after storytime.  







Nintendo Switch


Innovators: Kevin L., Library Associate and David B., Library Assistant


Nintendo Switch: This gaming console will be used for after school activities for kids and families.  The Switch is a very popular choice for in-person multiplayers games that can play up to four players at once. The Switch will allow staff to transform meeting room spaces into gaming areas where the kids’ excitement won’t impede other customers’ use of library spaces. 




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