Marion Kimball

By Ilaisaane

Marion Kimball

Marion Kimball was born in San Francisco, but her family moved to Fairfield when she was just a baby. They lived on a ranch just outside of Fairfield and Marion attended Gordon Valley Elementary School. After that, she went to Crystal Middle School where she graduated from eighth grade.

Marion said that she loved all of her teachers and enjoyed her classmates. While today’s students tend to bring money for lunch or have lunch provided by the state, things were different when Marion grew up. She and her fellow students brought their lunches to school every day.

Her best friend, Ruth Widenmann, was one of the people that she met at school. She and Ruth were most likely to be seen around school and around town in simple dresses, skirts, and blouses, nothing too extravagant and nothing too casual. Ruth passed away a while back, but Marion said that she lives on in spirit.

Marion was rather athletic, especially for a girl growing up in her day. “I played many sports, like basketball, soccer, and also baseball,” she said.

One of the things that Marion remembers fondly about Fairfield and Suisun in those days is how small the two towns really were. People knew each other and there were no strangers among them. She remembers the town doctor of Suisun, Dr. Finan. She remembers Armijo as a school where everyone was well-mannered and caring. She remembers it being a more peaceful time.