Remembering Solano County

Remembering Solano (small)

To celebrate Older Americans month, Solano County Library sponsored a project in April 2008 called Remembering Solano County.

The library collected and documented the stories of residents, who were school-age children or teenagers, living in Solano County during the 1930s and 1940s. Interviews were conducted by students and volunteers from Fairfield, Rio Vista, Vacaville and Vallejo.

Joe Alonzo
Barbara Braker 
Ralph Buss 
Betty Davis
Donna Morrison Epps 
Tom Hannigan
John Hopkins
Marion Kimball 
Henry Low 
Hiroshi (Henry) Maeyama 
Dave Marianno
Ernie Moretti 
Bea Prusso 
WC Wright

Rio Vista 
Richard Brann
Manuel Brown
Harry Bruce 
Victor Kroutch Jr. 
Jerry Machado
Joseph P. Machado 
Mary Bell Wood O'Connell
Corinne Collins Oestreich 
William Pezzaglia 
Laura Jeffery Yorg

Billie Caldwell
Jack Cheechov 
Michael Gonzales 
Greta Magers 
Marie Pohutsky 
Marvin Riehl 
Maybelle Senft
Eleanore Gallo 
Pat Macdonald 
John Parks 
Sara Robertson 
Betty Tedesco