Jack Hopkins

By Cayla student at Armijo High School (’09)

Jack Hopkins #2

Jack (or John) Hopkins was born on February 28th, 1922, right here in Fairfield, and here he has stayed, to witness the small town grow into the bigger, busier city we have all come to know today.

When Jack was only 6 years old, his father passed away, leaving his mother to care for Jack and his two other siblings. Back then, he said, it was a small town, so everybody knew everybody else, and that’s what he misses the most about ‘the good old days’. Back then was a simpler time.
Jack recalls the 50’s as a time when a dollar was worth a dollar, and gas was only 60¢ a gallon. But the 60’s was an even better era for the ordinary person, and Jack was fortunate enough to always have a job.

Jack Hopkins InterviewBut there are a few things about the simpler time that weren’t so simple, or that Jack just didn’t agree with. For instance, the first walk on the moon, which Jack described as “unnecessary” because we should have been spending more money on ground. And he hated the Cold War, because he would always worry about those young kids eventually going off to fight.

It would seem that he made it through, both the good times and the bad, just fine. Soon after graduating from Armijo High School, 67 years ago, Jack ended up marrying his high school sweetheart. They have now been together for a staggering 61 years. When Jack attended Armijo, he was on the basketball, football, and track teams. Now, after all of those years, he still attends their games.

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