Don Wagerman

By excerpt from an essay by Sam and Diane

Don Wagerman

Don Wagerman believes you can do  anything you want to do, if you have the guts to do it.  He is living proof that it’s true.

He was born in 1918 on a ranch in Nebraska.  It was there he learned to master many chores.  He also developed an amazing work ethic, which would stick with him his whole life. 

He played football in high school and was good.  He went to Kearney College where he studied to become a teacher and maybe a football coach.  But he was injured during practice one day, when he was hit too hard.

Football may not have been his future, but music was always a part of his life.  His mother taught music, and his dad was a drummer.  “I used to sit in on drums,” he remembered.  He and his cousin formed a band called the Don King Rhythm Band.  They used to travel and alternate venues with the Lawrence Welk Band.

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