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An apple poem makes me wistful for fall

By The Say-er of It 07/31/13 at 5:52PM

Apple Breeze

Wind blowing softly –
Leaves rustling in the breeze.
Knobby trees surround me –
An orchard of apple trees.
Wind tossing gently
Blossoms blown around
Padding of a velvet carpet
Of blossoms blown free.
In the breeze is
A scent so faint
Delicate and wild
A haunting Mystery –
Step by step I come closer
To these sweet apple trees
Wizened with age and wisdom they are.
Windfalls on the ground surround
A scent drifts on the breeze
A sweet fruit plucked
A seat on a branch and
A sweet snow-like carpet
Here I am happy and
Here I am sad
Am I the only one to know
This beautiful land?

By Caitlin

Town Square Library


By Shane F. on 08/05/13 at 3:50PM
This was a really good poem!
By teresa on 12/16/13 at 8:37PM
that is so sad

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