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Review number 2

By The Say-er of It 08/29/13 at 12:37PM

 Goal #2 Movie Review
Danielle Pascual
Monster University Review

Pixar excellently recreated the college lives of monsters in the Monster’s Inc. prequel, Monster’s University. The movie follows the original main characters from the first movie: Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sully” Sullivan. We see how their hatred for each other developed into unbreakable friendship. In the beginning, the two felt that everything between each other was competition, but they soon learned that working together as a team was the best decision to benefit their entire group. In the end, the audience sees how Mike and Sully made their way to the top at a job they love… Monsters Incorporated.

Overall, I give this movie a total of five out of five stars for several reasons. The graphics were visually amazing- especially in 3D. The colors were very vibrant and bright. The animation was also great because it kept up with every little detail. The storyline and script itself were nearly flawless; a perfect balance of humor, suspense and excitement for the audience. They brought back the original characters from Monsters Inc. as well as created brand new characters we’d learned to love. I’d recommend this movie to everyone and anyone because it honestly keeps children, teenagers and adults entertained and there are no dull moments. The movie also incorporated a very important lesson for kids: to try your best, even if people tell you otherwise. In conclusion, Monster’s University did a fantastic job of telling the story of how everyone’s favorite animated monsters came to be.

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By teresa on 12/16/13 at 8:25PM

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