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You Are My Sky

By The Say-er of It 11/26/13 at 11:15AM

You Are My Sky

By: Esmeralda S. Cortez


    I wish for this day to be happy, I wanted it to be happy. A day of white and smiles, but without warning that day was twisted into something else. A day where white is turned to black and smiles into tears, how would you take it? 
    I walked the same path I always had, to my favorite café. Like any other ordinary day I stepped inside, took my order, and was seated. By the time my coffee arrived the café became livelier. I always sat by myself and being the small town that it was, everyone knew that I preferred to be alone. I noticed a boy whom I haven’t seen before. He got his order taken and as he looked around to find a seat his gaze landed on me and smiled. He came my way and I wasn’t the only one that saw this, I started to hear whispers from people around me. He sat in the chair seated in front of me and I was confused about why he would sit in front of stranger, with a smile on his face that made me uncomfortable. I just sat there looking at him. Anyone would feel awkward with someone just staring at them, but all he did was smile, and then said a simple ‘hello’. There was a short silence and before I knew it we had a conversation going on about each other and became friends. 
    Our little meetings became a daily thing; we never had an awkward silence again. I loved him and he loved me. We often went out to eat and did things that other couples did. On our third year together, he took me to my favorite area, the Caters Bridge and proposed to me. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I agreed. Days went by with the news going around about the marriage and as days turned into weeks of preparation the day had finally came where I had to walk down the aisle, my happiest day. So I had thought. Excited for my day I made sure everything was perfect from my hair, eyes, dress, just overall every detail. As I waited behind to wooden door to open to start my walk, I remember my sister coming up to me as the doors open and gave me the worse new that I had ever heard in my life. As I look up to the alter I saw that it was true, my most important person, gone. Then I learned that my husband to-be was stuck in traffic and as he rushed his way through, he had gotten into an accident. 
    As I look at you being lowered into the ground, you’re not gone, your six feet in my heart , your word will forever be with me ; “Never see anything as if it will ruin your life and that you can’t live on because I’ll always be with you.” As the ceremony is done I thank everyone that came and smile to the sky with the white clouds and not a storm in sight, your promise you kept. 


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By Miss Jennifer on 12/07/13 at 10:36AM
From a perfect romance to an absolute tragedy. I think it's a really good story.

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